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Diagnostic Research

Patient Treatment & Evaluation

Mechanical fragility of RBC can be compromised as a result of various diseases and pathologies – diabetes, sepsis, sickle cell disease, and various other anemias. Many of these could provide a target for development of new diagnostic approaches and patient treatment monitoring or evaluation.  Medical insurers have cited the lack of a reliable test in declining to cover RBC mechanical fragility testing, making osmotic fragility more routine by default, though mechanical fragility is known to more directly reflect RBC membrane health.  Blaze’s technology could help bridge that gap, enabling broader use of mechanical fragility analysis in patient treatment. Notably, this could include facilitating personalized or precision medicine – such as the selection of drugs or devices most suitable for a given patient’s RBC characteristics.

Blaze has engaged in collaborative preclinical and clinical research regarding this market, and many prospective clinical research customers plan to independently explore various areas of interest.