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Kenneth Alfano

Kenneth Alfano

Kenneth Alfano, CTO of Blaze, serves on the faculty of the University of Michigan College of Engineering (as a Lecturer IV), prior to which he worked for the College as a staff Research Engineer on interdisciplinary projects involving integrated microsystems for biochemical analysis. His teaching content spans engineering design, technical communication, and regulatory science – having served in multiple departments/programs in the College. He also conducts workshops, serves on committees, and is a founding faculty member on an initiative establishing a new interdisciplinary graduate program in Regulatory Science.

Kenneth is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Michigan, with an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a B.S.E. in Industrial & Operations Engineering. He has published and presented on the topics of microfluidic genotyping and red blood cell fragility analysis – holding patents for the latter. Additionally, he has degrees in economics (M.A.) and law (J.D.), and is also a licensed attorney in Michigan with knowledge in intellectual property and regulatory areas of law and publications on digital copyright and gene patenting.

Kenneth is a founder of Blaze, and a co-inventor of its core technologies. He manages Blaze’s product development and IP strategy, and led a development team of internal and external members to produce the first functioning integrated prototype of an automated system for profiling RBC mechanical fragility. Additionally, he participates in designing Blaze’s scientific studies, planning the research strategy, and consulting with clients and collaborators to explore applications of Blaze’s technology.