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As noted, hemolysis alone is not as sensitive of an indicator of RBC damage as mechanical fragility. Blaze's technology can reveal "hidden" damage to the cells by enabling efficient and comprehensive profiling of RBC fragility. 

Mechanical fragility testing involves subjecting a sample of RBC to mechanical stress, and measuring how much hemolysis (cell rupture) occurs. A fragility “profile” for a given sample is a plot of the amount of hemolysis occurring under a particular stress over a certain stress range.

Blaze’s unique technology combines: 

  • A custom bead mill that allows multiple stressing parameters to be controllably varied, to yield data of interest for a given application.
  • An optical system, with a proprietary spectral analysis approach, that allows determining relative fractions of hemoglobin contained within RBC versus what is released upon rupture – without the need to separate the cells.

Bringing a better understanding of blood damage has benefits in numerous market applications.