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Transfusion Research

Improved Blood Product Utilization

Blaze’s technology holds promise to help inform decisions of hospital blood bankers and transfusing clinicians for enhanced patient safety and improved blood product utilization. Published data indicates that storage time alone may not be a good predictor of transfusion efficacy and thus of clinical outcomes. RBC mechanical fragility testing may aid in assessing quality for stored blood product, based on the ability of cell membranes to resist hemolysis. A possible application of such testing may be in blood inventory management, whereby priority in use is given to units losing their viability the fastest. Other applications could include facilitating personalized or precision medicine – such as the selection of blood product units most suitable for a given patient and/or condition. Relatedly, individualized donor RBC screening could enable improved utilization of donations.

Blaze has engaged in collaborative preclinical and clinical research regarding this market, and many prospective clinical research customers plan to independently explore various areas of interest.